Intro to Dance – Ages 4-5

Intro to Dance is an introduction to dance steps, terminology, and technique.  We will begin to establish dance skills and knowledge, while reinforcing creativity, self-expression, and fun!  This class will prepare students for individual dance styles with a blend of music, games, imagination, and skill-based exercises.


Levels – Ages 5+

Leveled classes in the following styles will be offered in both recreational and competitive divisions.  These classes focus more deeply on individual dance genres, and allow dancers to further explore the joy of dance.



Ballet focuses on classical technique, terminology, placement, and etiquette, which creates a firm foundation for all other dance styles.  Students will develop strength, flexibility, proper positioning, and coordination through the use of barre, center, and across the floor exercises.  Artistry, discipline, grace, and respect will be instilled through this study.



Jazz uses popular music as accompaniment to impart musicality and technique.  This upbeat class includes warm-up exercises to stretch and strengthen, and across the floor to teach leaps, turns, and technical elements.  Jazz also offers students the opportunity to expand their movement vocabulary, explore their creativity, and enhance their confidence through learning a variety of choreography.


Contemporary / Lyrical

 Contemporary and lyrical use a combination of ballet, modern, and jazz techniques to create a wide variety of expressive movement.  These styles use musicality, storyline, mood, and emotion, combined with technical elements and skills, to generate dance.  Students will develop a strong sense of artistry, creativity, and self-expression.  Improvisation and composition elements may be included.



Tap studies the steps, terminology, and rhythmic patterns central to Broadway & Hoofing tap methods.  This class will focus on musicality, timing, and coordination as students develop their sense of rhythm and style.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop explores popular dance styles and steps, and is influenced by commercial and street dance.  This fast-paced class gives students the chance to learn fun and current choreography, as well as to improvise and find their own unique style.



Specialty  Classes

These classes focus on specific elements within a dance genre or outside of our regular scope, and offer our more advanced students the opportunity to study a broader range of styles.  Current classes offered include Heelz, which explores advanced commercial jazz technique.  Also available are Adult Fitness and Latin Dance.


Theatre Classes

Broadway Bound! Our Triple Threat class (K-12 grade)

Broadway Bound combines the three disciplines of acting, singing and dancing. The emphasis in these classes is to strengthen each of the elements equally to create a well-rounded Triple Threat performer. Our Broadway Bound classes prepare the students to meet the challenges of college auditions, school musicals, talent shows, and professional auditions. Students are carefully placed in a class appropriate to their age, level, and experience. Private acting and drama lessons are also available.


private Music Classes - Ages 3 - Adult

Vocal  -  Piano  -  Guitar  -  Percussion